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Bone Marrow Transplant at Low Cost and by Best Boctors in INDIA

Also known as the hematopoietic stem cell transplant bone marrow transplant is a surgery involving replacement of damaged bone marrow with the healthy one. This procedure is a really complex one and requires to be done with great care and by the best in the field.

India is one of the privileged countries where the procedure is performed by the experienced medical specialists and at a low cost. The bone marrow transplantation cost in India is much low as compared to other developed countries.

Before going to the procedure just get acknowledged with, what bone marrow transplant actually is.

The bone marrow transplant is a special procedure for those patients suffering from diseases such as solid tumors, leukemias, multiple myeloma, immune deficiency disorders and lymphomas.

When does a patient require a bone marrow transplant?

A bone marrow transplant is given when the high dosage of radiation therapy or the chemotherapy has destroyed the bone marrow stem cells. It is used for,

  • Replacing the bone marrow of the patient with the genetically healthy and functioning bone marrow.
  • Replacing non-functioning bone marrow with a healthy one, as in sickle cell anemia, leukemia or aplastic anemia.
  • Replacing bone marrow after being given the high doses of chemotherapy or radiation therapy for treating the diseases like lymphoma and neuroblastoma.
  • Regeneration of a new immune system to fight off diseases such as cancer which is not destroyed by radiation therapy or chemotherapy.
The procedure of bone marrow transplant

The procedure depends on the following conditions,
  • Patient’s tolerance to the medication
  • Type of transplant
  • A disease that requires the transplant
High dose of chemotherapy and radiation is required for the procedure as it makes the sufficient room in the bone marrow for the new cells to develop. The new stem cells require an empty marrow to establish them. After the radiation and chemotherapy, the marrow transplant is given from a venous catheter into the bloodstream. A supportive care should be offered after the transplant which generally involves providing a clean environment, regular blood tests, daily weight monitoring and a record of vital signs.

All these facilities bring a hole in the pocket if done in countries other than in India because of the low cost of the treatment plan. The success rate is also very high as compared with other developed countries.

Types of bone marrow transplant

The bone marrow transplant is categorized according to the donor.

An allogeneic bone marrow transplant

In this implant, the stem cells are taken from the genetically matched donor by aphaeresis or bone marrow harvest procedure. The donor should be genetically similar to the patient and generally is the brother or sister.

The unrelated bone marrow transplant

In this implant, an unrelated donor provides the genetically matching stem cells. Such donors are the ones who are registered nationally for the same purpose.


In some cases, the genetic match is very less identical and a parent is taken as a donor. It is also known as a haploid-identical match.

Umbilical cord

The stem cells from the preserved umbilical cord of the infant that is done soon after the birth are more effective than the stem cells taken from the other adult or child. There are various companies who offer the preservation of umbilical cord at an affordable cost.

Bone marrow transplant in India

It is very important to know that the bone marrow transplant procedure requires a highly trained and experienced doctors, trained nurses and paramedical staff to look after the patients in the transplant units. In India, doctors are well known for their excellent work in this field and when the bone marrow transplant procedures are concerned, India is very affordable. There are top notch hospitals in India, recognized and awarded around the world for dealing with the critical cases of cancer and other diseases involving bone marrow transplantation. Due to the high success rate and the low expenditure for the treatment in India, it is a preferred choice for many foreign patients.

There are various trust organizations which can fund your treatment but it occurs in very rare cases. Traveling to India for the procedure can ensure you the best treatment and high-class facility and an affordable cost.

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