Sunday, 8 April 2018

Medical Tourism Companies: The Backbone of Medical Tourism in India

Traveling to another country for seeking expert medical guidance is what constitutes medical tourism. People do not take risks when it comes to health; it encourages them to travel to far off places seeking an expert guidance. Medical tourists travel to other countries because of variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons include:
  • High Cost of Treatment: Mostly in the developed countries, the costs of treatment for even simple procedures are very high. Thus, people who do not have medical insurance have to travel to another country to get the treatment.
  • Unavailability of Medical Care: In the less developed countries, often, it is difficult to find medical experts and even when you find it, the wait-time is too long that might lead into further complications. To avoid it, people travel to relatively more developed countries. Also, in some countries, certain medical procedures are legally restricted. Hence, patients seeking such treatments have to flock to other countries where it is legal.
  • Relatively Low cost of treatment in moderately developed nations: This is yet another important reason which encourages medical tourists to travel to another country for seeking medical care. The cost of the same medical procedure in an equally equipped and advanced infrastructure is a tenth part in India of what it is charged in the highly developed countries like the United States, Australia and other developed nations. This encourages people from these countries to travel to countries like India where the entire cost of treatment including travel and accommodation is less than half of the cost in their home country.
  • Secrecy of medical surgeries: If you want to maintain secrecy of the medical procedure, it is best to get treated to a far off place where nobody knows you.
There are many countries in the world that are emerging as the medical hubs owing to availability of expert and well-trained doctors, robust infrastructure, state-of-art medical machinery and professional hospital staffs. With each of the above-mentioned parameters in its place, India is emerging as one of the most sought-after medical tourism destinations in the world. Various medical procedures like all the types of cosmetic surgeries, organ transplant, cancer treatment are undertaken under the expert guidance of highly skilled and well-trained doctors.

Further, traditional medical healing procedures like Ayurveda & Yoga are also available in India. There are many yoga centers like Isha Yoga Centre, Patanjali Yoga Centre in India where medical tourists enroll themselves to learn the traditional techniques. There are various courses of varied time duration starting from 1 month to an extensive course of 2-3 years that are undertaken by foreign nationals to equip themselves with these courses.

Availing the best of these services can be a task if you’re a novice. Hence, always seek support from the medical tourism companies in India. There are many medical tourism service providers whose sole aim is to offer the best of the services to the medical tourists and make the entire transit extremely hassle-free. Some of the things you can expect from these medical care facilitators include:
  • Expert guidance on finding the perfect doctor-hospital combination: Professionals in these companies are highly experienced in mapping you with an expert doctor in the city of your choice.
  • Basic facilities: Basic facilities like arranging the medical visa, accommodation of the family members during the time of your treatment and post that is also taken care by the medical health care facilitators.
  • Fast-track treatment in the city of your choice: You’ll not have to wait for long durations for getting the treatment. The case would be fast-tracked to reduce the complications that may arise due to the delay in treatment.
  • Arrangement for vacation tour: Apart from the arrangements for day to day travel, if you want to travel around, the companies will also help in planning a vacation for you and your family.
So, basically, the medical healthcare facilitators would help you with everything from the start. They will connect with you to best understand your problems, the budget, the duration of travel and accordingly will plan your stay in India. If it’s a long-duration treatment, the facilitators would also provide you with temporary accommodation in the nearby area where you can recuperate amidst your family members. The scheduling of your post-surgery appointments are also taken care of by the companies. Hence, these companies strive to make your stay extremely comfortable in India.

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