Monday, 21 May 2018

Why Medial Tourists Come to India for Cancer Treatment

Cancer is considered as one of the most dreaded diseases. According to the latest WHO, data nearly every family in the world is touched by cancer. Cancer is responsible for almost one in six deaths globally. The treatment of cancer is very expensive and sometimes it becomes a burden on the people who do not have enough money. But India has emerged one of the best medical tourism destinations where patients from all over the world can get the best and affordable cancer treatment. Some of the reasons why India has become the favorite medical tourism destination for cancer patients are

Affordable Treatment
One of the main reasons for the medical tourists to come to India for cancer treatment is the low cost of treatment. The cost of cancer treatment in India is much lower than in developed countries such as USA, UK, and other western countries. Even in the other medical tourism destinations like Thailand, Singapore, and Mexico cancer treatment is much expensive than India.

Best Hospitals
Cancer hospitals across India are equipped with the latest technology for cancer treatment. India has world-class cancer hospitals where the patients can get customized services. Other facilities in hospitals are like five-star hotels. You can find cafes, restaurants, gym, clubhouse, banks, ATMs in Indian hospitals. Some of the best cancer hospitals in India are:

● Apollo Hospital
● Max Healthcare
● Fortis Hospital
● Action Cancer Hospital
● Denvax Clinics
● BLK Hospital

Highly Qualified Doctors
India hospitals have highly qualified and best team of oncologists. These doctors have years of experience in the field of cancer treatment so they can offer you best treatment. No matter what kind of cancer you have you will get the expert care in Indian cancer hospitals.

Technology at Par
India is known for providing quality medical treatments where advance health care is required and cancer is one of the diseases which require advanced health care. Cancer hospitals in India are equipped with the latest and high-end technologies such as Gamma knife, Cyberknife.

Customized treatment
There are several kinds of cancers and the complicates in every cancer are different. On different stages of cancer patient need different kinds of treatment. Cancer hospitals provide tailored treatment to cancer patients according to their requirements. We also provide Cancer Hypnotherapy for treating different types of cancer.

No waiting time
The complicates of cancer increase with time. As soon as you get the treatment it will be better for you. Many medical tourists come to India for cancer treatment because they do not have to wait for months to get the cancer treatment like in their native country.

Language assistance
If you are concerned about the languages issues in India, you do not have to worry about it ,Healing Touristry have a pool of language translators associated with the company who are not only competent in English but they have expertise in other foreign languages like Arabic, Russian, Italian, German, Chinese and many more.

All these reasons make India a favorite medical tourism destination for cancer treatment. Patients from the countries like USA, UK, South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc. come to India to get affordable and quality cancer treatment. If you are a cancer patient and looking for cancer treatment in India you can access the best cancer hospitals and surgeons in India with Healing Touristry.

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